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Noted lawyer Bruce R. Hopkins brings you the only sure way to keep pace with the constantly evolving laws, tax regulations and rulings, and court opinions affecting the operation of nonprofit organizations. Bruce R. Hopkins' Nonprofit Counsel gives you an inside track on the law issues that mean the most to tax-exempt organizations.

In fact-filled pages each month, you'll find up-to-the-minute articles on subjects affecting

•  Tax exemption
•  Unrelated business
•  Intermediate sanctions
•  Joint ventures
•  Fundraising and charitable giving
•  Governance, reporting and disclosure
•  Lobbying restrictions
•  Emerging opportunities for nonprofits
•  Legislation, management and more
1.   Prepare yourself with the critical information you need to survive -- and prevail
2.   Keep pace with the constantly evolving laws, regulations, rulings and court decisions affecting nonprofits
3.   Understand the new issues in online fundraising, lobbying and other nonprofit activities
4.   Benefit from the personal expertise of the nation's foremost expert in nonprofit organization law
5.   Find new funding opportunities and legal guidance

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Legislative action, court decisions, IRS and other administrative rulings, and still more government actions pose potential threats to nonprofit organizations everywhere. Only those who see these looming changes will they are still on the horizon can prepare themselves to deal with them when they hit.

Consider just some of the ways the emerging laws can affect nonprofits:

  • Loss of tax-exempt status can kill operations instantly
  • IRS initiatives on governance that may expose your board to new liabilities
  • New concepts of commerciality are reinventing the unrelated business rules
  • Use of the Internet is raising new issues concerning lobbying, political campaign activities, and fundraising

The key to survival is preparation. In today's treacherous legal and economic environment, you need an authoritative source for critical information on the law and how it affects nonprofits.

Bruce R. Hopkins' Nonprofit Counsel is the only monthly newsletter specifically designed to help you keep pace with the constantly evolving laws, regulations, rulings and court decisions that can make or break your nonprofit. Astute nonprofit leaders have been relying on it for more than 25 years.

Once a month, Bruce R. Hopkins' Nonprofit Counsel brings you the most up-to-date, authoritative, and incisive review and analysis of legislative action, court decisions, IRS rulings and other governmental actions that can have profound implications for the health and well-being of every nonprofit organization.

Editor Bruce R. Hopkins understands the valuable role nonprofits play in our society--and the unique challenges they face. He knows which congressional committees to watch, which court rulings to scrutinize, and how to ferret out the meaning of IRS rulings--even their private rulings. He also keeps tabs on the Federal Election Commission, U.S. Postal Service, and other government agencies that can affect you. All so that you can be kept up to date on crucial legal developments.

Avoid Legal Hot Water--and Find New Funding Opportunities with Nonprofit Counsel.

New laws and regulations sometimes threaten nonprofits--yet they can also present opportunities, but only if you stay informed. Too often, nonprofits pass up opportunities for new funding sources, joint ventures, and the like simply because they don't know what is allowed and what isn't. With Bruce R. Hopkins' Nonprofit Counsel, you will also be up to date on what is allowed, what is not, and what the gray areas are.

Political shifts are leading to new legislation. Courts continue to establish new precedents affecting nonprofits. Regulations propounded by the IRS and other government agencies grow ever more complicated. One false step can land your organization in legal quicksand and end up costing many thousands of dollars. An organization without Bruce R. Hopkins' Nonprofit Counsel is essentially unarmed in a dangerous world.

These are difficult times for nonprofits. But nonprofit leaders who prepare themselves with the critical information they need will not just survive, they will prevail. Please consider subscribing today.

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